The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands App Reviews

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Great game but somewhat short

Great game once you get the hang of it. I only wish they’d add more for you to do after beating it.

Good, but too short

Great game all around but it's just too short, it's not worth $3.99 when it only has a few hours of playtime and it's mostly just tap and wait and equipping stuff and waiting more.

Great game

By far a game that stands out, nice graphics, enjoyable gameplay. I’m currently having issues with my build tab on day22 it’s completely blank.... just wondering am I missing something or did my game glitch.

I loved this game when it was “a dark room”

I hate to see an indie game like “A Dark Room” ripped off by another indie developer, but that’s what this game is, and it’s a shame. The original is better anyway, graphics aside.

The price.

It’s a great game, I really enjoyed it but the price is outrageous for 2-3 hours of play. Overall a great game, it’s very well polished. The price however is a major downside and quite frankly this game isn’t worth the price of admission. If there is a way to get a refund I would like one.

Wow! This game is amazing

As a big fan of the survival genre, I love this game. The graphics are cool. My only complaint is that it’s sometimes hard to see in snowstorms.


Hours of fun

Day tripper

Was great for a day! Need more games like this here or there. If your looking to sink into something for that occasional day off this is your jam.

Seems fun until you finish it

I had fun with this game until I finished it. I thought it was slowly building in complexity, but it’s really the same thing over and over. The ending comes out of nowhere and doesn’t make any sense.

Rip off

Boring, simple, stupid. Waste of time and money. Completely offensive to charge money for this crap.

Please fix sound

Solid game but desperately needs to allow background audio. I am forced to choose between the game and my books. The game never wins 😢

Mostly fun

Pros: It’s beautiful If you like A Dark Room it delivers more of the same worker management gameplay Cons: I frequently find myself doing absolutely nothing while I wait for night to pass or for resources to collect. It needs a fast-forward button and/or more useful actions for my character. The progression is fairly linear without much depth of decisions. It’s a worthwhile experience, but not one of the best games ever.

Great game

Amazing game honestly is worth the $4 id like to see more I haven’t finished the game but so far I’ve enjoyed it please keep up the good work and I’d like to see more of your work thank you for the amazing game.

Beautiful, but...

Great artwork and beautiful ethereal music. However the gameplay is pretty basic and the game itself is rather short. After a few hours you are done. Compare this to similar 2D games like the banner sagas or Crashlands, where the game takes much longer to explore and complete. Just adding a “hardcore” mode isn’t really a substitute for more content...

Love the game, wish it had more.

I’m giving it 5 stars even though I was insanely disappointed at how short the game was. Starts slow, gets tough, then just when you’re finally getting it and rolling with it and psyched for what’s to come, it just ends. Super unsatisfying as far as that goes. I liked that it felt a little like a graphical version of “a dark room” and honestly, loved all the gameplay. I just feel like right when I was getting into it, it ended. Fantastic for what it is. I won’t knock the star rating because I feel like I need to give credit when credit is due.

Better than what the reviews are saying

Personally I was looking for a game to play in a short time and get it done unlike what a lot of games are today. I was not disappointed. So I finished the game in 2.5-4 hours on normal mode... If anything I would say I enjoyed collecting resources and then using them to improve my villagers.... that’s the type of game this is and it delivers awesomely. And the end of the game was good enough... it wasn’t amazing but it was enjoyable nonetheless and the satisfaction you get after completing the game is really nice. So despite the bad reviews I bought it and I don’t regret it one bit... now as for the future of this game I would say it could use some optional expansions... or even expansions to the original story... or like maybe you could add the option where the cities you’ve discovered ask for help against a horde of monsters and you go help like the way you attack the mysterious caves... Overall I enjoyed he game a lot and definitely recommend it.

Thanks for the fix up

The game is great

Too many units to control at once

This game feels like it could have been organized a bit better to provide a simpler way of managing units. It’s like if you were trying to play Starcraft but you can only control one unit at a time. It’s not the most efficient way of playing. It’s nice to look at though.

Good, but too vague after discovery

A pretty version of A Dark Room that falls down on discovered item description. When you make a break through sometimes there is an onscreen comment about what it can do (don't miss it because there is no way to see it again) others are just 'You can now make X'. I understand the purpose of not laying it all out, but there also needs to be some way to know if X is better than Y. For instance, is a sickle better than an axe in a fight? Should every guard have the latest weapon or is a weapon mix preferable because some weapons are better against certain enemies? No way to know. There are enough variables like guards being tired or 'brave' or not all running over to fight (bug?) that trial and error isn't that definitive on WHY you succeeded or failed (e.g. guard died).

Fun, short, and to the point (opinion)

Beat the game at day 50 and it was fun doing it on the first try, the game mechanics and the way it runs smoothly is wonderful! It was worth the $4 and my time. Hope you guys can add some add on features or second part to this as I would love to keep playing this for days to come!

Not bad.

Pretty fun but very short lived. The ending is weak and combat is lacking. The strategy is surmised by how fast you can navigate the interface.

Too easy

I spent money on this game with the idea that I was getting a high quality game that I could play for a little while, but the game is too short and easy. I only played on hardcore mode and after a week of playing it I beat it. It’s not worth the price tag. It’s also a reminder why it’s just not worth it to pay money for iPhone games.


This game is expensive and ends WAYY to quickly I bought and beat it in like two days. It’s just a constant grind to collect resources and villagers but your villagers die every night because there is constant attacks and when they die you lose their stuff which is a waste of resources. There’s literally nothing to this game at all. Don’t buy it.

Good Game but short

It’s a nice game, nice mechanics, but very short .


This game takes a long time to save up material. It SHOULD reward the player after saving up. What happens is you save up for armor and weapons and a big monster comes and kills about 10 of your guards. You do NOT get the armor or weapons back from your fallen guards. This makes progressing so hard because after your guards die you, if you make it through the night then you will for sure die the next night. I play this game for about 6 hours, it has great music and art but the fighting mechanics need a lot of work. This is NOT worth paying for...

A boring version of “a dark room”

The art is decent but the gameplay is not anything I would describe as fun. Not worth paying for and not worth recommending.

Amazing game but not the best

This game is really fun. I love build and survive games, and tgis one really hit the spot. However, there's a number of bugs, and the game needs to be polished up more in general. The ending is a bit anticlimactic, and the game is kind of short for it's price. Despite this, I do recommend that you play the game.


Awesome game, no in-app purchases. Best game on iphone in a long time.

That was lazy

The game was fun for quite a while and I had no complaints at all. Except today I got to the end of the game. it sucked, it was probably one of the laziest endings I had even seen. It was actually pretty poorly made and didn’t even have anything to do with the game. It was just a guy in a cloak killing a dragon. When they both fell off the cliff and died it said “Victory” and it ended like that. So yeah I’m pretty disappointed but other then the end of the game it was great!

Ending to abrupt

The game was fun and would make the game even better is if you would add more different paths within the game and maybe have a little extra after the ending. The fact is we spent money on this game and it just did’t have enough features to be a really good game 6/10

Too little.

This game was great, for the two hours it lasted. It should have been free.

completed the whole game in under an hour

concept is dull and somewhat unintuitive. final boss was pathetically easy and boring, not to mention i got to the incredibly fast. so my question is, what now? i guess the game is over. i suppose i could play again on hardcore difficulty, but what’s the point. your character dies so easily and the nighttime monster spawns and dungeons kill you and your guards so easily it’s seems like a further waste of time repeating a joyless story i’ve already completed. a positive? the visuals and sounds are good.

Don’t Buy

Wow this game is not worth $4, it should be $1 maybe, maybe $2. It seemed like a good game so I gave it a try. At first good seem good but was to repetitive and easy to complete.

Great Game. Little confusing. Little short

Game is great loved the art love the style. These are the games I like to find that beautiful to the eyes with deep game play. Game can become a little confusing when your not paying attention to the words on the screen when it tells you what it’s for or what it does. Game add a bit of exploding to figuring out how things work. I managed to beat the game with in a day or 2 probably cause I reached a state where both my guards and warriors where fully geared and it didn’t take much to survive the night or the caves and all I had to do was set my phone down while the game progressed. Think I did that for couple of hours and by then upgraded my titan 50 on armor and 50 on weapon. Was going to go for 100 on both but decided to progress the game to see what happened next. Might think of progressing the enemies to a harder state, but almost unnecessary. I would definitely love to see more games like this where you just kinda figure things out and the game give you a beautiful artsy style game. We don’t always need some 3d nonsense all the time. And I always felt that games for phone should be more picturesesk then being these full on 3d impactful games. Over all great game. Cant wait to see more. Keep it sweet and simple. With the exploration and color.

That’s it?

It was fun and engaging at first but after I got 5 guards and 5 warriors the game got really easy. After summoning the titan and beating the monster the game ended and my first thought was, “that’s it?” I kept sending explorers expecting to find a city that gives a different ancient scroll and maybe new stuff. I kept on doing the dungeons expecting for a new discovery but at 65th day and nothing new exciting. No more expansions and it’s like just grinding. Is this it?


I love this style of game, I have two request though: 1. I want to have an options to mourn the lost/dead 2. I want to be able to arm and equip myself Thanks!


I really need a save option because every time I quit the game I loose about 5 minutes of progress

Awesome game

This has to be one of the best games I have ever played! I love this game!

Too short

Amazing game but it’s simply too short. I was having so much fun with this game but suddenly I beat it!

Ok game that feels like it is missing something

I just finished the game with maybe 2-3 hours of playtime (or 36 days in game). It was interesting at first with the same feeling of “A Dark Room” but begins the fall flat at some point. I never really felt like there was anything to explore except the cave and even that was basically have enough warriors with you to kill everything and it’s all one button linear fights. It lacks the adventure and exploring part of a dark room while making the resource management part of the game a chore. Since each worker can be equipped with gear to make them better (nice touch) it becomes tedious to make sure the right workers are in the right jobs and they are properly equipped. When your character needs to do a job or build something but it’s on the other side of your village, it basically will take him half or a whole day to walk across the village to get the task done. The end game is equally disappointing and takes maybe 2 seconds to complete with a one button fight again that requires no skill or strategy. The story becomes almost pointless and you have no investment in your character, the “titan” or any resentment toward the evil God. In summary this game should be .99c or $2 but right now it’s too expensive. The developer needs more time on this game to further flesh out a compelling story with investment in the characters and more endgame content. My recommendation is don’t buy this game until it is overhauled.

Loved it and want more!

Loved the game. Really awesome atmosphere, style, and artwork. The sounds and music were great too. Any chance you’ll add more to the game? Or a sequel? It was lots of fun, but I beat it in two days! I will probably continue my current game or play another on the harder mode, but I’d love to see more! Great game and thanks!

It’s iight

It’s a pretty straight forward game. I love the atmosphere (the graphics, music, and mood) of it and the “build your own village” concept. It’s fun. That’s my favorite qualities in a video game and it hit the nail on the head. It falls flat because I paid for this game and beat it on my second or third attempt, in maybe a few hours. This mostly because the story is not as grand as it should for a paid game.

It’s okay...

If it had been longer and included more crafting, buildings, and story I would’ve rated it 5 stars, but since I beat it the same day I got it I can’t rate this higher than 3 stars. I consider my money wasted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Stop Complaining

This game is all around pretty solid. The reviewers saying their villagers die too fast and the game gets boring. Can’t understand what a survival game is meant to be. At times it’s hard and repetitive but the point is to push through all that to complete the game and feel a greater sense of satisfaction. However, there are some bugs that could be fixed fairly easily through updates. One of these bugs is that sometimes “Exhausted villagers went to sleep” scrolls across the screen the entire night and I have to wait until morning to get useful information about my scouts.


I loved this game but after building everything there was no point of getting resources. Then after killing the final boss their was nothing else to do. It was about 3 hours of gameplay.

Yeah man.

I really enjoyed your game. I kinda wish there were other elements involved. Such as more government of the city and interaction with the world. I beat the game. Maybe make it a little longer too? Awesome though. Really fun.

Great Game - Hoping for An Expansion

Beautiful graphics, sound effects, and music. It ended up being shorter than I expected and there’s little replay value once you get to the end. I hope you all expand the game. True to this genre, a “restart” in a different land with some resources in the bank to reward you for completing the main quest would go a long way towards enhancing replay.

How to make this game better

You need to make this game multiplayer and also fix the attacking game system then it would be cool it would make the game have more thing to bye

A good start

This game starts well and maintains itself through the first ~75% quite well. I would have liked to see more development though. The endgame feels entirely slapped on in order to get the app out the door just when a higher order of gameplay feels like a more organic development. Pros: Cons: Simplicity. Too short Beautiful design. Disjointed endgame Natural development. Rushed ending If it were free - or even $1.99, I would be very happy, but the extra buck or two purchased no additional enjoyment. I’d love to see this game patched for a longer gameplay.

Too short

Games to short but has potential if it was longer

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